Personal messages to/from your friends & family

Shoutouts are a fun way to leave short personal messages for your friends and family on our site. Click here to leave your message today!

"Congrats for taking up big races last year! Let's do this."
-From Jayne to Gayle
" Meet you at the finish line! "
-From Nicole to Ms. Ward
"Way to go Catie - you are awesome - you got this girl. See you at the finish line."
-From Linda Ann Johnson to Catherine Soraparu
"You can do this. You did it before so do it again."
-From Ray to Ernestine
"Let's do it like they do on the animal channel!"
-From D to J
"BOOM We will be all up on this bridge! you ladies RAWK"
-From Shoozy to Maniac and O So Cute
"Is this a big enough anniversary party for you?"
-From Sparrow to Charles
-From My-O-My to Booper
"really looking forward to the live music afterwards."
-From Keith to all
"Have a blast! Sorry I am not able to join you."
-From D to H
"Can't wait for us to take on this bridge. We got this Ky!"
-From Judy Phipps to Ky Stoebenau
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