Personal messages to/from your friends & family

Shoutouts are a fun way to leave short personal messages for your friends and family on our site. Click here to leave your message today!

"You can do it Chet! ChaCha on the move!"
-From ChaCha to Chet
"You are gonna be great! Keep training hard!"
-From Jack to Celinda
"Looking forward to this family event See ya on the downhill "
-From Old Steve to the Rowe and Heagy Family
"Always take the hill, never let the hill take you! "
-From Molly to Jacqueline
"Have a blast! Sorry I am not able to join you."
-From D to H
"Big Higs!!!!"
-From Laura LBSB to Phil Allen
"Running with the rednecks!"
-From Hillbillybob to Easternshore
"Get back here safe from AFGHANISTAN so we can DO DIS!!!!!"
-From Sarah! to DawnDawn LABAY!
"Kent Island Strong
-From daboom to daboo
""Everywhere we go people wanna know WHO we are!" Warriors! "
-From Tory D to Andrea Skilinski (BESSEL)
"Bay 10k November 9

Philly Half the Next Weekend!
-From Brad to All
"Thanks. I can't wait to run this inaugural race with you!"
-From Gracious Warrior Princess to All my friends
"We love you!! So proud of you both!!!"
-From Alicia May,Court & Boston to Daddy Partyka
"You can do it! We'll be rooting for you, boss man!"
-From The Staff to Andrew Mack
"Mommom and Poppop will be with us ever step..."
-From Khris to Team Frankie May
"To my brothers and sisters, here's to our first 10K ! !"
-From Linda to Dave, Jim, Lo, La and E
"I can't wait to do this with you! You're the best :)"
-From Mom to Morgan
"Wohoo girl - have fun and you rock. See you at the finish line."
-From Linda Ann Johnson to Shelly McCann
"What some people will do for a tee shirt"
-From S3 to MCRR Friends
"Run Mike Run, this Bridge can't stop you! 63 yrs young! "
-From Jared Schierbaum to Big Mike
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